College Planning: Omegas, Psis, Chis
College planning is a central piece of the Bridge curriculum. Each class is led by a Bridges staff member and focuses on the skills and tasks necessary at that grade level in the college preparation journey. Rising sophomores focus on developing the skills needed to research and navigate college knowledge. Rising juniors focus on understanding the self, developing a college list, and becoming a leader. Rising seniors focus on the tactical processes of applying to college and financial aid.  
Core Course: Humanities
In humanities this summer, we will be digging deeper into learning about the Enneagram by learning more about personal behavior, strengths, and challenges as well as how to embrace growth. You will learn more about yourself as well as other Bridges students in the process. Zoom 1
Core Course: Math
This course will explore topics in case scenarios, statistics, social justice, and history. Each class meeting will consist of a video, interactive content, games, and a discussion. Students are expected to engage and reflect on each topic before, during, and after class. The course will culminate in a digital magazine and website. Zoom 2
Core Course: Science
“Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!” is a crash-course to introduce the students to basic animal behavior concepts. As students explore mating and paternal caring strategies, animal socialization and communication, and various animal responses to the environment, they will study animal behaviors through zoo webcams, trained animal keeper discussions, and researched animal documentaries. Students will finalize the week through investigating their own animal behavior study, strengthening their scientific method skills and reasoning. Zoom 3
Elective: mOody bLaCk's Making Words Move
Making Words Move is a creative writing workshop that allows the participant to freely express themselves while learning a few poetic devices and poem structure in the process. Taught by Greenville slam poetry artist mOody bLaCk. Zoom 1
Elective: Yoga
Dive into this restorative practice to help you find your center while also working your body. Taught by Megan Mulligan. Zoom 3
Elective: Art
We will explore the world of assemblages and found object artworks! Using objects from around the house, students will create their own artwork using inspiration from artists Vik Muniz and Beverly Buchanan. Students will also create a digital portfolio using Google Slides to document and share their creations. Vik Muniz is a Brazillian artist that creates works out of everything from chocolate syrup and tomato sauce to junkyard trash and diamonds. Beverly Buchanan is a celebrated African American artist who has delighted the art world with her "shacks" made from scrap materials. Taught by Chris Meihl. Zoom 2
Elective: Connectivity and Creativity 
Quarantine has us longing for connection, but it also provides the opportunity for self-reflection and new avenues of self expression. Together, we will choose two topics (one per week) and generate free-writing, monologues, videos, and other media. We may choose to collect these pieces into a mini-video production, or we may choose to let them live on their own. Whatever our choice, it will be made together and this class will be a safe space for creativity. Taught by The Warehouse Theater. Zoom 3
Elective: Nature: Medicine for the Soul
This class will implore students to spend time relaxing with Mother Nature while feeling her cool breeze on a warm day. During this elective, students will enhance the beauty around them by creating various outdoor art projects, investigating local wildlife and their characteristics, and meditating to the sounds of our Greenville ecosystem. The hope by the end of the two-week elective is for each student to appreciate the relaxation nature can offer the soul when he/she takes a moment to stop and embrace his/her peaceful surroundings. Taught by Jessie Bolton. Zoom 2
Elective: Memory and Cognition
How our brain works to remember or forget things and how we perceive objects. This class will work around the idea to trick your mind to see certain images and objects that aren't even there. A fun and interactive way to learn psychology and know more about brain functions. Taught by Mutaz Sarhan.  Zoom 2
Elective: Not Another #Hashtag 
Healing & Activism through the Arts. This class will explore social justice issues through the lens of engaging in political action via Art. No act is too small and no voice is too young to make waves in support of political change. Taught by Geri Kinlaw. Zoom 1
Elective: Magic & 3D Design
In this course you will be introduced to 3D Design and Printing using Autodesks's Fusion360 with Magic as a backdrop.  You will learn basic navigation of the Fusion360 workspace, basic design functions, how to learn about new design functions when you need them, and how to design for printing and functionality.  Our Magician, Marty Shapiro, will present various illusions and strategies for making illusions entertaining.  In the last two weeks of the course, each student (in teams of two students each) will design a simple illusion, we will print it for them, and they will present it to the rest of the class. Taught by the STEAM Tech team. Zoom ID 718 472 3518, password 360