Lunch Plans

Thursday Night Game Nights

Your Small Group

Staff Office Hours

Required Programming

You'll notice that mornings include Assembly (think about when we'd meet in the big classroom all together with Leadership Team leading activities), College Planning, and Core Classes. These, plus Tuesday night workshops, are required for all students to participate. Beyond that, you should sign up for at least one electives, and plan to attend as many social events as possible. We hope you won't do the bare minimum. Remember: Bridges is what you make it! Seek out opportunities to connect with peers and learn from as many teachers as possible.

Participation Log

The participation log is for you to mark off every class and event you participate in during these four weeks. The more you participate, the more you WIN prizes!!


Meet our amazing teachers! 

Class Descriptions

Our teachers have planned amazing experiences for you this summer! Click here to read about each class.

Small Groups & Success Coaches

We will still have summer counselors this year! Each counselor (or "Success Coach") will have a small group of students to guide through the summer. Your Success Coach will check in with you one-on-one regularly, and he/she will also plan group activities like eating lunch "together" on Zoom or having having social time. Find your Small Group and Success Coach here. 

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings 

Tuesday 6/23: Connecting with Bridges

Thursday 6/25: Game night!

Tuesday 6/30: Career Planning

Thursday 7/2:  Bingo

Tuesday 7/7: Activism

Thursday 7/9: 

Tuesday 7/14: College Knowledge

Lunch Time

The noon to 1pm hour is left open each day with the hope that you will virtually connect and socialize with your peers. We will leave Zoom open if you'd like to use that, or you can use your own technology. Also look out for invitations from Success Coaches and staff for lunches!

Office Hours

Staff and teachers will hold office hours throughout the weeks. These are times when you can "drop in" to a Zoom and chat about anything on your mind. If you want more one-on-one attention, just ask and we'll schedule something. 

Meet our Core Class Faculty:

Each class or event will use the below Zoom accounts:

Required events:

  • Assemblies:  Z1

  • College Planning Omegas: Z2

  • College Planning Psis: Z1

  • College Planning Chis: Z3

  • Humanities: Z1

  • Math: Z2

  • Science: Z3

  • Tuesday evening workshops: Z1


  • Poetry: 1-2pm; Z1

  • Nature: 2-3pm; Z2

  • 3D Printing: 4-5pm; Zoom ID 718 472 3518, password 360

  • #Hashtag: 3-4pm; Z1

  • Art: 3-4pm; Z2

  • Memory: 1-2pm; Z2

  • Connectivity: 2-3pm; Z3

  • Yoga: 3-4pm; Z3

Social events and office hours:

  • Thursday evening socials: Z1

  • Staff, teacher, and success coach office hours vary; check with your teacher and coach, or look at the calendar

  • Lunches hosted by different groups also varies; check calendar