College Planning - Psi


This summer, we are going to explore our interests and strengths and begin to make connections to future college and career paths. We will also start diving into the process of making a list of possible colleges to pursue. Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • StrengthsFinder and how to maximize our strengths in our lives

  • College knowledge, like types of schools and college lingo

  • What to do on a college tour

  • How to start a college list

  • What to do in high school to prepare for a strong future

  • How to develop leadership skills



Junior Year Timeline

This is the document we reviewed this summer. Your immediate task? Email your counselor to make sure he/she knows you are eager to be successful this year and to ask for any guidance on how you can start the year strong.

problem tree.PNG

Activist Toolkit

(also see the toolkit's list of nonviolent actions you can take to voice protest)

ladder of engagement.PNG