Using Zoom

All virtual events will be hosted in Zoom. We use the paid subscription option that includes more security and features than the free version, so you should feel confident using it.

Check your class and events calendar to see which of the three Zoom links to access. You should be able to just click the link/button and be where you need to be. Or, you can search Zoom online and click on join meeting, and add the following ID codes:


Zoom #1: 667 492 3113

Zoom # 2: 627 738 2816

Zoom #3: 852 898 3567

Computers and Internet

If you need assistance getting a computer/Chromebook, or accessing the Internet, contact us ASAP! We also understand that technology isn't perfect; if you aren't able to participate in a class or event due to tech troubles, just contact the instructor and share the reason. 

Zoom Etiquette 

1. Mute your microphone when you aren't speaking. 

2. Do NOT mute your camera. We need to see you!

3. Limit distractions, for you and anything in your space that will show on your screen.

4. Be on time.

5. Treat this like you would an in-person Bridges class. Pay attention and stay off your phone!

6. Use the chat feature only if you want to share something relevant to the class content. 

7. Use your real name so we know who is participating.